Мод для tdu 2 русские машины

Test Drive Unlimited: Citroen SM 2.7 V6 для Test Drive Unlimited. Test Drive Unlimited: Volkswagen Touareg R50 для Test Drive Unlimited. 2,645 likes. Test Drive Unlimited 2 mods, car mods, new stickers, useful programms Test Drive Unlimited 2 Mods. Menu. Search. TDU2 - Mods. We promise no intrusive ads, Please help keep the community alive Consider supporting us by disabling TDU2 sound mods that actually echo that vicious Mercedes-AMG V8, an ear-bleeding straight-cut gears racecar, and anything else that has been produced to help intensify the game's audio. TDU 2 Ultimate modded gamesave Features: All club cars in your garage All roads covered Every car including the Hot Rod and Ferrari 458 Italia from the PS3 All cars level 4 apart from Ferrari's there only Level 1 0.000.000 4 Million in. Item description: TDU 2 Ultimate modded gamesave.